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Web Services

  • Website Design

    We design various Responsive, bootstrap, flat webpages/websites compatible with any devices. These websites can be viewed on any devices like PC, Laptop or any Mobile; be that Smartphone or basic handheld devices.

  • Website Redesigning

    We are the best Website Redesign Company, who will help you to boost your brand image, ranking, traffic / leads & sales by redesigning your website. We have a perfect website redesign process, which approaches your project from a marketing perspective and takes all the goals of your company into consideration.

  • CMS Customization

    We expertize in CMS website creation by using highly user-friendly, popular and versatile tools like WordPress®, Joomla® and Drupal®. We develop mobile-ready websites that can be easily maintaned and managed. Use of such highly advanced and up-to-date tools gives our clients an edge over their competitors.

  • Portal Development

    When the portal is the business, there is no compromising on the performance, cost-efficiency and growth potential of both. Iflexion has the skillset and the experience required to guarantee delivery of a reliable solution to win, serve and retain your customers.

  • Static Website Design

    Static web pages contain fixed HTML code and the contents of each page do not change unless manually updated by the designer or webmaster. We expertize in developing cost-effective static websites for customers who would like to keep the contents of their websites unchanged for a longer time.

  • Dynamic Website Design

    A server-side dynamic web page is a web page whose construction is controlled by an application server processing server-side scripts. A client-side dynamic web page processes the web page using HTML scripting running in the browser as it loads. JavaScript and other scripting languages determine the way the HTML webpage is displayed.

Our Services